Our Key Advantages

We behave in a professional manner that fosters trust and loyalty in customers

Expertise in fiscal representation

• Fast and efficient operation with tax authorities & customs

• Long standing relationship and trustworthy cooperation with high networth multinational commodity traders

Extensive experience, 20+ years in Sea transportation, inland transportation and Warehousing

Strong cooperation with customs clearance resources and the most experience custom brokers

• Low charges

Selling your goods to your customers in Greece

A foreign company can have the same treatment as any other business in Greece, through fiscal representation.
Unistar is willing to act as the local representative of your company.

Storage of goods and subsequent sale in Greece

The importer located in a country outside the EU that temporary stores imported goods in a customs bonded warehouse, can benefit from import VAT and duties delay during the storage period and up until the potential sale.

Selling your goods to your customers in the EU

Fiscal representation is a winning option for a foreign company when importing goods in the name of the company from a country located outside the EU to an EU Member State, through Greece.