Our company, Unistar Representatives Ltd, is located in Greece, acts as a fiscal representative on behalf of foreign companies since 2006. We are reliable with strong references and thorough knowledge in fiscal representation. Unistar provides trusted and reliable fiscal representation based on more than 15+ years of experience in fiscal formalities and customs clearance procedures.

As we have gained plenty of real world experience in handling fiscal representation for foreign companies, we have the know-how and the ability to satisfy all customer needs and ensure that the whole process of importing your goods into Greece is run smoothly and without the obligation of the physical presence of your company in Greece.

A foreign company (an established business in a non-EU country) that will decide either to import goods in their company’s name directly to Greece or sell goods to another EU country through Greece is required according to the EU regulations to appoint a fiscal representative, to register for a Greek VAT number. This is where we come in. You can rely on Unistar to act on behalf of your company as your fiscal representative. Our dedicated team will take care of your VAT obligations and customs formalities responsibly in compliance with the Greek and the EU tax policy requirements and customs procedures.


No physical presence of your company is required, limited pre-established business costs

Does your company require a fiscal representative for EU trading?

If your foreign company does not yet have a physical presence in the EU and has decided to engage in EU trading, it must appoint a fiscal representative to obtain a VAT number.

The greatest advantage is that by appointing a fiscal representative to handle all dealings involving tax authorities and customs formalities processes, you will avoid the need to establish an office located in Greece (country of entry) or in another EU Member State. Hence, limited pre-establishment business costs.  

You can obtain your own EU TIN /VAT number by appointing Unistar as your local fiscal representative in Greece. This will enable you to import and sell goods in the EU, through Greece while having the same treatment as any other business established in the EU.

Unistar can provide fiscal representation services on behalf of your company and as your trusted and reliable local representative has the ability to assist you with all fiscal matters as per EU regulations in Greece.

Selling your goods to your customers in Greece

A foreign company can have the same treatment as any other business in Greece, through fiscal representation.
Unistar is willing to act as the local representative of your company.

Storage of goods and subsequent sale in Greece

The importer located in a country outside the EU that temporary stores imported goods in a customs bonded warehouse, can benefit from import VAT and duties delay during the storage period and up until the potential sale.

Selling your goods to your customers in the EU

Fiscal representation is a winning option for a foreign company when importing goods in the name of the company from a country located outside the EU to an EU Member State, through Greece.

Unistar provides trusted and reliable fiscal representation
based on more than 15+ years of experience
in fiscal formalities and customs clearance procedures


No physical presence of your company is required. Our team have the know-how to offer and manage efficiently the following services:

Acting as your Tax Representative
Advice on VAT registration requirements
Managing the VAT registration process
Ensuring full compliance when filing VAT and scheme 42 declarations
Intrastat reporting and monitoring services
Ensuring fast completion of import customs clearance formalities from our expert customs agents
Legal professional advice in cooperation with prestigious law firms
Handling enquiries and providing assistance with tax filing
General consulting


Our additional services include:

Sea transport & Road freight services

Worldwide containerised shipment services including pan-European road freight services.

Transport services in Greece

Transport services for accurate pick-ups and deliveries for all types of Cargo in Greece.

Warehousing in Greece

Strong cooperation, state of art in general cargo and reefer warehouses in Greece.

Distribution in Greece

Timely and accurate distribution services to your chosen geographical area, from the largest to the smallest city and island.


We behave in a professional manner that fosters trust and loyalty in customers

Expertise in fiscal representation

• Fast and efficient operation with tax authorities & customs

• Long standing relationship and trustworthy cooperation with high networth multinational commodity traders

Extensive experience, 20+ years in Sea transportation, inland transportation and Warehousing

Strong cooperation with customs clearance resources and the most experience custom brokers

• Low charges


High quality services at low cost. Enquire and you’ll be surprised.

• Low costs for your VAT number registration

• Monthly Fiscal Representative fees based on the activity and the workload of your business

• Competitive costs for customs formalities in Greece


Passionate and dynamic team of experts

Our passionate and dynamic team are dedicated to offering tailor made solutions to suit customer needs in the best possible way, to save you time and money.

Our team is a mix of professionals all of whom are experts in their respective fields and offer a broad range of skills to our clients.

We are highly committed to offering you a total piece of mind in knowing that your business is compliant with EU VAT obligations, overcoming any challenges in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.